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I recently returned from a visit to the Palm Springs area.  After seeing the film “Plagues and Pleasures of the Salton Sea“, it was on my agenda to check out the landscape and settlements around the Salton Sea.  It was truly the highlight of the trip for me in many ways.

Ever since my college days I’ve been interested in off-beat Americana, and people whose lives are their own very unique creations.

The settlements around the Salton Sea and the people who live there, certainly live up to this description.  I didn’t bring a professional camera on this trip, only my little Nikon Coolpix P 330.  Here are a few of the images I captured in and around Bombay Beach, Slab City, Niland, and Salvation Mountain.  I really hadn’t expected the area to capture my imagination quite the way it did.

My hope is to return someday and spend more time (with more professional gear!) photographing the people and settlements of this uniquely American place.

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    Aaron Smith says:

    I love the surfboards that say “Locals Only” and “No Kooks.” Gee, if THEY think you’re a kook, you must really be one!

    David St. Michael says:

    You make me want to visit!! What a great post about a part of this country that few really know about. Thank you!
    Like you, I am VERY interested in off beat stuff. 🙂

    Edward Farnham says:

    The arc of the Salton Sea from its great heyday to the incredible quirkiness and barrenness of its present echo seems to encapsulate something about the American Californian zeitgeist dream seen through the lens of a cracked lanterns magique. Great pictures.


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