Conferences can be incredible learning experiences. But with the hours of lectures, presentations, and the deluge of information presented, business conferences have the potential to become tedious really quickly.

Here are a few tips for hosting an engaging business conference.

Plan in advance

Planning a conference is no easy feat. As a host, you will need to do a lot of work, both before and during the conference. It is important to get started as early as possible to give yourself some time to finalize major contracts and handle any unexpected problems that may arise.

Consider the venue

Where you will host the conference is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. One of the reasons most people think of business conferences as dull and boring is because of the choice of venue. Make your event one to remember by choosing a venue that has entertainment options.

Consider holding it in an area with a lot of activity like a hotel that is close to restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. Another option is to time your conference with a local event like a music festival. This will provide attendees and their companions with something to do outside of the conference.

Offer a program with variety

The main purpose of a conference is to share as much information as possible. Lots of conferences simply put their attendees in uncomfortable chairs and have their presenters parade on and off the stage giving lectures and presentations. A few hours into the conference, you may notice that the attendees are bored, sleepy, and overwhelmed.

Don’t forget to engage your attendees. Schedule a mix of formal speakers, small group workshops, and free networking time. It is also a good idea to set a task that is difficult, but not impossible, to complete as a team. This will foster teamwork and collaboration.

Plan for fun

You should plan for interactive networking opportunities to break things up a bit. Also, try to use technology to make things a bit more exciting for guests and to keep them interested, and encourage participation on social media with hashtags and keywords. You can also suggest a few activities for downtime during the conference.

tips for hosting an engaging business conference


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