The term “corporate event” covers a wide variety of gatherings, ranging from a promotional event to an annual meeting to an industry-specific gala. In this event, your employees, clients and other guests gather in one place. So much time and effort goes into putting these on, and they are often so fun; it is worth ensuring that every moment is captured.

Hiring a corporate event photographer for your event is an important, and wise, business decision. We’ve outlined just a few reasons why you should hire a professional corporate photographer for your events.

Unique skills set

Just like with any profession, professional photographers spend a lot of time and money to educate themselves and are constantly continuing that education with supplemental training to hone their skills. They use their abilities and training to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments in the way that only a professional conference photographer can.

They focus on things big and small and pay attention to the smallest details that turn an ordinary picture into a stunning, compelling photograph.Great photography reflects well on your business. And the kicker? Great photographs drive sales.  

Consistent results

While you can always hand the camera to a friend or a staff member, there is no guarantee that they would capture great photos the way a trained corporate photographer would. When you hire a professional photographer, you are paying for their service and experience in exchange for high quality, memorable images. Remember, taking great photos more than just pushing a button.


A quality corporate event photographer has the commitment and composure to work for long periods, finding the “narrative” of your event and weaving these stories together in a truly special way. Corporate photographers also maintain a level of professionalism your brother-in-law or friend may not. They are working for you, and they are invested in your satisfaction and their results.


There is no denying that having good equipment is one of the key factors towards achieving great quality photos. Photography and camera equipment is expensive. A digital camera or the camera on your phone isn’t going to cut it. Don’t trust your event to just anyone; hire the pros!  

Professional editing

A professional photographer doesn’t just hand you a flash drive containing all of the pictures that were taken during the event when they’re done. Part of the service and product offering is that your corporate event photographer takes the time to edit your images to ensure that they are properly exposed, cropped and color corrected.

When your next corporate event is on the calendar, give the professionals at G. Thomas Ward Photography a call and learn how we can work for you.


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