Corporate event photography at Chicago Natural History Museum

Exhibiting at a trade show provides several benefits to businesses of all sizes. It allows you to promote your products and services to hundreds or thousands of potential customers, get fresh leads, and generate sales. Given that there are so many companies vying for the people’s attention at these events, it can be difficult to stand out.
A well-designed trade show booth will draw attendees’ attention and give you the opportunity to engage and interact with them. Given the time, effort, and money that you have spent for this event, it is important to maximize your booth investment.

Here are some unique ideas that you can use to increase booth traffic and, ideally, sales.

Use technology

Technology plays a major role in our everyday lives. Embrace this, and use technology to your advantage to capture the attention of attendees and drive traffic to your booth.

Use interactive touch screens and digital displays to make your booth stand out. Not only is it appealing, it also inspires interaction and participation. It is also a good idea to use a unique hashtag for the event. Encourage them to use your hashtag for a chance to win a prize they can get excited about.

With a cool and fun booth, along with clear, simple instructions, your company’s booth is sure to be fun and encourage positive brand recall.


Trade shows provide a great opportunity to promote your products and services to potential customers. But you also need to remember that consumers don’t just buy stuff from anyone. Rather, they buy from brands they trust.

Exhibiting at a trade show provides the perfect opportunity to introduce your brand to the public.
Don’t just set a beautiful, attractive booth; make it informative. Build brand awareness by sharing some facts about your company, and try to incorporate it into your booth design. Make learning fun for your booth visitors.

Offer snacks or drinks

Going around and checking out dozens and dozens of booths can be exhausting. Give visitors a reason to stay in your booth, even for just a few minutes, by offering some snacks or drinks. Make sure, though, that you choose food and beverages that align with your brand.

If your company encourages healthy eating, then provide healthy snack options. If you are considering giving out bottled water to attendees, make sure that the packaging comes with your company name and logo. This way, recipients will be reminded where they got it.