Corporate events can be quite boring. Most of these events have the same concepts and elements, making it difficult to differentiate one event from another. To really give your corporate event an edge, you need to think out of the box.

Today, it’s all about creating an event that will wow your guests. With that in mind, we picked out some fun and unique ideas that will entertain the masses and make your event a memorable one. Hopefully, these ideas will drive attendance to your next event.

Sick of a boring corporate event, check out these creative corporate event ideas

Shadow performers

As seen on several talent shows on TV, shadow shows will definitely impress audiences. This unique and exciting form of entertainment is ideal for product launches and other events. Some shows can be tailor-made for clients to make it more relevant to your event or company. This creates a memorable experience attendees will remember for a long time.


Hire an aerial performer on your next event. It is one way of introducing fun to a rather formal event. Very seldom do people get a chance to watch some talented acrobats while sipping their wine. You can also hire some jugglers, clowns and tumblers to walk around the event and entertain guests sporadically. If you do it right, guests and employees will be raving about it for the weeks to come.

Around the world theme

Take a trip around the world by naming each table after a country. Do a little research and try to incorporate some elements of different countries into the decor around the venue. Then, create a series of food stations offer a variety of cuisines and beverages served across the globe.

Aroma DJ

Smell triggers memories, they say. By hiring an aroma DJ, you can ensure that your guests remember your event. It is a unique act that combines tasteful aromas and upbeat club music to create a unique atmosphere. A happy, uplifted and energetic crowd is guaranteed within a few seconds.